About Me

I am an Ecuadorian passionate about nature and the stories that are around it, Due to the influence of my Uncle, a Chemistry teacher, and my Father, a hardcore mountain guide, I studied biology for my undergrad. Always in companion of my camera, I collaborate in several research projects related to the Ecuadorian Andes studying ecology and biodiversity of plants. Finally, in 2014, I  change gears began to take more serious my photography.  I had the opportunity to work on several photography projects involving the natural resources and indigenous communities especially in Yasuní National Park, in the Ecuadorian Amazon. These projects result in several exhibits and publication in Ecuador and United States.

After those projects I realized my passion to challenge my self, always looking for the best media to share the stories, especially those related to the environment. 

Nowadays I'm finishing my Master’s degree in photojournalism at Ohio University, and working as the Visual Communicator and Multimedia Coordinator for Tropical Herping, an institution dedicated to preserving tropical reptiles and amphibians through tourism, photography, education and research.

e-mail: jorge@tropicalherping.com